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Complete Checkups

What happens during a typical checkup?

The first person you’ll meet is the receptionist. They are responsible for making things flow smoothly around the office. They coordinate payments and appointments, and give you your notifications for when you’re supposed to come in next. The second person you’ll meet after checking in, and the person you’ll spend the most time with during your first visit, is the dental hygienist. This individual is a trained dental professional who takes care of routine dental care, such as regular cleanings, and would occasionally assist the dentist in other procedures. The hygienist will begin by asking you questions regarding your medical history and if this is your first appointment at their dental facility. If you have been to the practice before, they might want to know of any changes in your health or medications. It is important that your dental care team knows about any health concerns, anxieties, or allergies you may have in order to make sure you get the kind of care you need. Don’t worry – it’s VERY common to be afraid of the dentist. Sometimes, all a person needs is a little explanation to make things seem a little better.

What is Professional Teeth Cleaning?

The hygienist at a dentist’s office does a professional teeth cleaning. The procedure consists of scraping off built up plaque and tartar that collects above and below the gum line before flossing between and around every tooth to remove any plaque or food particles that are clinging on. Using a tooth polisher, with a spinning head and slightly abrasive paste, the polishing will get rid of any residue that was previously missed and will make your teeth smoother so that plaque will not collect as easily on them between visits to the dentist.

Why an Oral Cancer Screening?

The American Dental Association recommends that an oral cancer screening be completed at the initial oral exam visit. Oral cancer screening is an examination performed by a dentist or doctor to look for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. The dentist will visually examine the inside of your mouth for signs of oral cancer such as red, white or swollen bumps, rough patches, discoloration in the mouth, asymmetry of the face and other irregularities. The goal of oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer early, when there is a greater chance for a cure.

Digital X-rays

X-rays are an important part of preventive care. It allows your dentist to catch problems that may be lurking beneath the surface. Fortunately, these days, there’s a better alternative to traditional x-rays. Using digital radiography, the dentist can get a more accurate image of your teeth and oral structures without exposing you to unnecessary radiation. Even better, these images are readily available, and transferred to a computer screen where the dentist can show you just what’s going on inside your mouth. Digital x-rays are a safer, faster, and more effective method of radiography—and because the images are digital, it’s more environmentally friendly.

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Our Happy Patients

"Staff are friendly and non-judgmental. I came in after not having gone to the dentist in about 2 years. Rather than lecturing me about the importance of dental hygiene, they worked with me to set up a plan to get back on track. The exam with the dr was thorough and he was very knowledgeable. Overall a great experience. Thank you Dr!! "

Jose N. Jose N.

"So surprised with this office. This was my first time here and I walked right in! No wait! Wow, definitely give them a try."

Susan R. Susan R.

"Recently, my wife and I had to change dentists bc of insurance reasons. Kaizen Family Dental seems to do everything to make the experience as convenient as possible. Once I arrived for my appointment, there was no waiting in the lobby. The staff introduced themselves. The dentist reviewed the xrays and explained everything. Overall, a very pleasant experience, glad found this dentist."

Dennis S. Dennis S.
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